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ACCION to Non-Profit Soapbox: I’ll have another

You don’t have to be a world-class racehorse owner to know when you’ve got a thoroughbred on your hands. And after ACCION worked with PICnet to launch a redesigned site for their Smart Campaign, they fell in love with this little colt, Non-Profit Soapbox.

So when it came time to trot out a new site for their Center for Financial Inclusion, they opted to take Non-Profit Soapbox for another race around the track. And it didn’t disappoint.

Right from the gate, the site jumps out to a fast start with a beautiful design and engaging images of clients that drive home the mission of the Center:

Old site put out to pasture

Center for Financial Inclusion: old site

New Non-Profit Soapbox thoroughbred site

Center for Financial Inclusion: new site

This colt is more than a show pony with a fast start, though. At the first turn, its navigation is well-laid out and easy to handle. Deeper into the race, it offers rich, easily searchable content from the Center’s Publications and Resources. And Soapbox has the strength to consistently run wire to wire, race after race, since it provides easy tools for staff to efficiently update their site so they can be expert web technology jockeys.

Take a moment to hop on for a little ride around the track on their new site yourself and see how this colt is helping to drive home the Center for Financial Inclusion’s mission to bring about the conditions to achieve full financial inclusion around the world.


Geo search Salesforce data from your website

Geo search Salesforce data in Non-Profit SoapboxWith the latest release of Non-Profit Soapbox, we handed our Saleforce integrations a map and, lo and behold, it turns out that Soapbox has a fine sense of direction and distance!

For any object in Salesforce with valid U.S address fields, you can now add a geo search to a Salesforce Search form. This allows visitors to drop in a zip code and a distance in miles or kilometers, click search, and see what locations in your Salesforce data fall within that geographic radius. The results can display an inset map of that location and tell the visitor how far from the given zip code the location falls.

Why would you care to do this? For as many reasons as there are points on a map, my intrepid explorer! As inspiration for this little journey, think store locator tool, or service location finder, or a tool for finding member organizations that just passed Geography class, or a search tool for funded projects across the country that Dora the Explorer would be proud of.

Interested in giving your website a good sense of direction when it comes to your Salesforce data? Talk to us. We’re happy to serve as your Lewis and Clark for exploring a whole new world of possibility.


Double the Fun: Two Happy Hours this Week in DC!

One of the perks of my job is that I get to organize and host various happy hours for our clients and groups we’re involved with. It just so happens that this week, I get to do it twice!

Our first happy hour was on Tuesday night right here at our Dupont Circle office. We partnered with SBNOW in inviting their members to mingle and munch on some snacks and drinks while listening to our fearless CEO, Ryan Ozimek, discuss how technology can help businesses become more sustainable.  This correlates directly to SBNOW’s mission of transforming “the ways businesses appraise, engage, and enhance human, ecological, and financial resources in order to make the national capital region a better place to live, work, visit, and do business.” Thanks to all who made that event possible and attended!

This week’s second happy hour happens tonight at 6 pm at Madam’s Organ in Adams Morgan. NTEN, a group I’ve been coordinating events with for a year and a half, is partnering with Community of Hope for a Happy Hour of Hope. Madam’s Organ is having drink specials, I will be ordering some appetizers for our attendees, and best yet – a portion of all proceeds will go toward Community of Hope! Didn’t register? No problem – there’s still time, so do so here.


“We are very, very pleased with the final product”

A few weeks ago, we happily announced the launch of the new website for Help Abolish Legal Tyranny, or HALT. We mentioned how pleased we were that we could help them abolish their own bit of website tyranny.

Rodd Santomauro, Executive Director of HALT, is pretty pleased, too! “Very, very pleased”, in fact: Read more »


How Redesigning Our Website with PICnet Delivered Results

Coast Guard Foundation sealAt PICnet, were not about just moving pixels around to create a website. We’re about empowering non-profits to better meet their missions through web technology. So when the good folks over at the Coast Guard Foundation let us know that’s exactly what happened as a result of the launch of their new site, we had to do a little jig.

We could have posted a video of that but, since our jig skills leave something to be desired, we figured it would be better to let the Foundation give you the low down in their own words: Read more »


Scaling individual donor cultivation for funding diversification

“Any reliance on a single funding source is sometimes unavoidable, but the vulnerability it creates for a nonprofit should be the impetus to strive for diversification,” says Cynthia Reddrick of Philanthropy Journal in her post Individual giving key to stable funding yesterday. She goes on to highlight several recent stories about well-known organizations that grabbed national headlines and provide cautionary tales. Read more »


Funky dollar bill strategies for nonprofit technology projects

We dig the community we work with: smart folks committed to the social good who are seeking innovative ways to bring about positive change as effectively and efficiently as possible. Of course, we know that all the smarts and ingenuity don’t get you too far without the funky dollar bill. Read more »