“We are very, very pleased with the final product”

A few weeks ago, we happily announced the launch of the new website for Help Abolish Legal Tyranny, or HALT. We mentioned how pleased we were that we could help them abolish their own bit of website tyranny.

Rodd Santomauro, Executive Director of HALT, is pretty pleased, too! “Very, very pleased”, in fact:

“Our organization needed a new state of the art website that could provide a lot of information, yet not overwhelm the viewer.  Since our previous website was over a decade old, with more than a thousand pages of information on it, we knew we needed a company that would be patient with us, and take the time needed to do the job correctly.  After interviewing several website companies over the course of many months and doing our due diligence, we kept coming back to PICnet.  Not only were they the most inexpensive vendor by at least 50%, they also offered the most relevant useful options and services for us.  I was amazed at the amount of time they took with us.  We had almost weekly teleconferences with the staff at PICnet for many months, giving input where needed, as we watched our new website be developed.  We are very, very pleased with the final product.”

It was our pleasure to please you, HALT – and our pleasure to continue partnering with you as you get the most out of your new state of the art Non-Profit Soapbox site!

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