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Soapbox Mailer submitted for Salesforce security review

Tonight, we handed over our Soapbox Mailer baby to the good doctors at Salesforce to make sure it’s ready to stretch its legs and walk about our non-profit world.

After six months of development, we’ve achieved an important milestone:  we submitted the app to Salesforce for their security review process.  This phase is the final stretch before we’re able to share our breakthrough email marketing application to our non-profit community.  With tonight’s milestone, we’re feeling good about our estimated October 2012 release of Soapbox Mailer.

While we still have quite a bit of road ahead, we’re extremely grateful to our Soapbox Mailer Pioneers for their insight, ideas, and feedback.  They’re helping ensure we’re meeting our mission in providing affordable, efficiency-gaining software for our non-profit sector, and we’re super grateful for their support!

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Soapbox Mailer supports DKIM, increasing email deliverability

We’re excited to announce that all Soapbox Mailer organizations can have further peace of mind that their emails have a higher chance of being delivered successfully. Thanks to new features released last night within Amazon’s Simple Email Service (SES), Soapbox Mailer users now have another tool in the fight against spam.

Yesterday, Chris Wheeler over at the SES team announced that they had launched Easy DKIM, a new feature that makes it very easy for our Soapbox Mailer organizations to increase their deliverability rates.  Chris’ post provides the details of what DomainKeys Identified Mail (DKIM), and you can grab an engineer and learn more details on the DKIM Wikipedia page as well.

Amazon SES DKIM configuration

In short, DKIM makes it easy for your email recipient’s mail provider to confirm that your email really did originate from you.  This is another tactic to prove that you’re not a spammer, which often times forges information in the hidden parts of emails to make them seem like they’re coming from someone else.

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More mobile, more money: Five essentials for increasing nomadic conversions

We dig the good folks at Pew Internet. They do some great research to uncover important trends in this, our wired world. Take some numbers from a post summarizing a recent report of theirs:

“Nearly half (46%) of American adults are smartphone owners as of February 2012, an increase of 11 percentage points over the 35% of Americans who owned a smartphone last May. Two in five adults (41%) own a cell phone that is not a smartphone, meaning that smartphone owners are now more prevalent within the overall population than owners of more basic mobile phones.”

Not shocking news, eh? Yeah, we didn’t think so. This tidbit from another study by Pew Internet won’t be either but the percentages may surprise you: Read more »


Hat tips to users: Great ideas implemented and pesky bugs squashed

On Tuesday, we posted an update on the latest features we tossed into our Soapbox Donations tool with its integrations with Salesforce. We also compared ourselves to Scrooge McDuck – favorably, of course. He is a lovable Disney character, after all.

Beyond the additions to Soapbox Donations, we also made some other tweaks and enhancements to the Soapbox platform. As always, we’re indebted in that effort to some great clients offering excellent ideas to implement and identifying annoying bugs to exterminate. Thanks to the following folks for their helpful contributions on both fronts: Read more »


Soapbox Donations enhancements: celebrate your freedom to get piles of cash and record it in Salesforce

We are so into money. Buckets of it. Piles of it. All for our nonprofit clients. We’re like Scrooge McDuck about this stuff.

Anything we can do to give them the power and flexibility to get more cash to rock their worlds for the social good, we’re down with. And the enhancements we just rolled into our Soapbox Donations product do just that. Here’s a taste of what they have to offer to amp up online donations strategies, particularly if that strategy uses our Salesforce integration tools: Read more »


Soapbox Mailer now bouncing with Amazon’s new notification service

A few days ago, Jeff Barr in the Amazon Web Services team made an announcement that made us giddy: Simple Email Services (SES) now has a built-in bounce notification service. This seemingly boring announcement gives our Soapbox Mailer for Salesforce service terrific new powers, enabling us to provide you the first and only native email marketing app that utilizes SES and this great bounce management functionality.

Soapbox Mailer bounce handling example

Soapbox Mailer bounce handling example

With a little architecture brainstorming provided by Rohan Deshpande on the Amazon SES team, and with the flexibility of the platform, we were quickly able to implement real-time notifications directly into Soapbox Mailer. This new feature provides our organizations the ability to get critical data to better understand their lists’ effectiveness, and enables them to clean and purge their lists as needed.

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