Soapbox Donations enhancements: celebrate your freedom to get piles of cash and record it in Salesforce

We are so into money. Buckets of it. Piles of it. All for our nonprofit clients. We’re like Scrooge McDuck about this stuff.

Anything we can do to give them the power and flexibility to get more cash to rock their worlds for the social good, we’re down with. And the enhancements we just rolled into our Soapbox Donations product do just that. Here’s a taste of what they have to offer to amp up online donations strategies, particularly if that strategy uses our Salesforce integration tools:

  • Donor-chosen Campaigns: Want one donation form that allows you to present a variety of Salesforce Campaigns from which your donor can choose to designate their donation? Done. And easy to implement.
  • In Honor and In Memory donations: Let folks give in honor or in memory of someone – and provide an email address for In Honor of gifts so you can even setup an automated workflow in Salesforce to email the honoree immediately with the good news.
  • Newsletter sign ups: People who give you money are probably folks open to hearing from you regularly. Give an easy way for them to sign up for your newsletter as part of the donation process.
  • Anonymous donations: Don’t let those secretive Super PACs have all the anonymity. Let your donors tell you if they want you to keep their name off published donor lists.
  • A radically updated administrator user interface for more intuitive creation and customization of donation forms: We’ve spent hours just clicking the cool Customize Headings and Labels buttons our designer, RB, dreamt up. Slide open. Slide closed. Slide open. Slide closed. We are easily entertained. We make no excuses for that.
  • Require custom fields: Folks have had the ability to add up to four custom fields to a donations form for awhile. Now you can choose to make these fields required, if you wish. Perfect for membership organizations using donations as a way to register new members and pay dues with one form.
  • Require organization and phone fields: Ditto for this one. Folks have been able to collect the information before. Now you can require it.
  • Autofill contact fields for logged in users and make those fields uneditable: For those with password-protected areas of their Nonprofit Soapbox sites and integrations with Salesforce, the First Name, Last Name, Email Address, and Organization fields are autopopulated with the logged in user’s information – and now you can choose to make those fields uneditable to ensure data integrity for the donation record when it gets sent to Salesforce.
  • Customize the meta description and keywords of a donation form: Set the text that appears in Google search results or Facebook shares for your form by easily customizing the meta description and keywords.

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