Hat tips to users: Great ideas implemented and pesky bugs squashed

On Tuesday, we posted an update on the latest features we tossed into our Soapbox Donations tool with its integrations with Salesforce. We also compared ourselves to Scrooge McDuck – favorably, of course. He is a lovable Disney character, after all.

Beyond the additions to Soapbox Donations, we also made some other tweaks and enhancements to the Soapbox platform. As always, we’re indebted in that effort to some great clients offering excellent ideas to implement and identifying annoying bugs to exterminate. Thanks to the following folks for their helpful contributions on both fronts:

  • Thanks to Global Citizen Year for their stellar input on the new donor-chosen Campaign functionality.
  • Appreciation for the good folks at Great Place to Work for helping us to teach Soapbox yet more languages. Now it speaks Turkish and brushed up on its Norwegian, Arabic, and Dutch.
  • Penguin hugs and kisses to the Groundswell Movement and Auburn Seminary for offering guidance on ways to customize the donations form.
  • Honorary PICnetter designations to the lovely ladies at CORE Group for reporting some snafus with how & characters that were affecting our Salesforce integration tools.
  • Thanks to the Cultural Data Project for helping to improve the RSS feeds generated by our Soapbox Events system.
  • Much love to long-time PICnet clients at EdLeader21 for helping us add functionality to our Upcoming Events module. And, by the by, if you’re at all into strategies for improving the U.S. educational system, you should check out their recently published The Leader’s Guide to 21st Century Education: 7 Steps for Schools and Districts. A good read by good people about a critical topic. Congrats, Ken and Val!

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