Soapbox Mailer supports DKIM, increasing email deliverability

We’re excited to announce that all Soapbox Mailer organizations can have further peace of mind that their emails have a higher chance of being delivered successfully. Thanks to new features released last night within Amazon’s Simple Email Service (SES), Soapbox Mailer users now have another tool in the fight against spam.

Yesterday, Chris Wheeler over at the SES team announced that they had launched Easy DKIM, a new feature that makes it very easy for our Soapbox Mailer organizations to increase their deliverability rates.  Chris’ post provides the details of what DomainKeys Identified Mail (DKIM), and you can grab an engineer and learn more details on the DKIM Wikipedia page as well.

Amazon SES DKIM configuration

In short, DKIM makes it easy for your email recipient’s mail provider to confirm that your email really did originate from you.  This is another tactic to prove that you’re not a spammer, which often times forges information in the hidden parts of emails to make them seem like they’re coming from someone else.

Setting up DKIM is really easy within Amazon SES.  Just hop into your SES Console, under Navigation click on Verified Senders, go to the Domains tab and choose your domain, and then go down to the DKIM tab.  There, follow the directions to add the appropriate DNS records, and away you go.  Really easy for the huge boost in protection.

Props to the Amazon SES team for delivering another powerful solution for our community.  What might seem like a little technical gizmo is a huge boost in our community’s ability to deliver email effectively…and is only a few mouse-clicks away!

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