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Convio Common Ground Refugee Assistance Email Hotline

As those close to us know, PICnet was borne out of the conflict in the Balkans in the 90s from a desire to assist refugees and others in need. Today’s announcement from Blackbaud that it will discontinue the Convio Common Ground platform has created a new class of refugees.

To assist nonprofits, we’ve created the Convio Common Ground Refugee Assistance Email Hotline. To learn how your nonprofit or those you care about can leverage the power of Soapbox Engage to integrate your web presence with, contact us today at


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15 reasons why membership organizations love Soapbox and Salesforce

As we’ve freely confessed over and over (and over and over and…), we’re sweet on Saleforce. It provides an immensely powerful platform for managing all the relationships a nonprofit has with individuals and organizations.

If you’re a membership organization, you’re all about managing relationships. Here are the top fifteen reasons why membership organizations love the crush Soapbox Engage has on Salesforce: Read more »


Accepting international payments and recording them in Salesforce

Not to be too brash about it but you want money. Benjamins. Greenbacks. Paper. Cold hard cash. You want it to fund your mission. You want to spend as little of it as possible in staff time to keep track of it. And you don’t care in which country the individual giving you that money lives.

Now, neither does Soapbox. Read more »


Soapbox Donations: Brains, beauty, and strong communication skills

We like our donation forms to have the complete package: brains, beauty and strong communication skills. No games. Just tell us exactly where things stand. With our Soapbox release last night, Soapbox Donations just got a bit brainier, a bit sexier and a whole lot more communicative.

When a visitor clicks submit, the form confirms that all required information has been entered and is properly formatted. If there are elements that require the attention of the visitor, the form will slowly scroll up to the top of the page, display the message “Please confirm all required information is correct” and highlight all fields needing attention.

Take a 21 second peek to see it all come together:

What’s more, the submit button is disabled during form processing while the credit card is swiped with the payment processor and the transaction details are posted to Salesforce. That prevents the visitor from inadvertently clicking the button and making multiple transactions if that processor takes longer than they expect.

Brains, beauty, and strong communication skills. The complete package.


Workflow for online email sign ups pushing to Salesforce Lead and Contact

They say that every challenge is an opportunity. We took that to heart recently when crafting our new approach for onboarding email newsletter sign ups on client websites that create Salesforce Leads to convert to Contacts records. Here’s our chosen approach to overcome a common hurdle in this very standard functional need.

The challenge is this: Read more »


How great leaders inspire action: Simon Sinek at TED

We’re sharing this video of Simon Sinek speaking at TED around PICnet’s virtual water cooler today. We couldn’t resist sharing it more broadly through this channel.

As a B Corporation with a mission to empower organizations through technology – a company with a why at the center of what we do that is about serving a whole lot of nonprofits with a why at the center of they do – the entire 18 minutes and 5 seconds resonated with us. Take a moment to be inspired and reconnect with your why that can inspire action and change the world.