Accepting international payments and recording them in Salesforce

Not to be too brash about it but you want money. Benjamins. Greenbacks. Paper. Cold hard cash. You want it to fund your mission. You want to spend as little of it as possible in staff time to keep track of it. And you don’t care in which country the individual giving you that money lives.

Now, neither does Soapbox.

Someone in Dubai looking to swipe their Visa card? No worries. An Inuit in Nunavut wants to give you $50? All set! Somebody in Timbuktu wants to throw $100 your way? No sweat!

Soapbox Donations allows folks to select their country, if they aren’t in the default of the United States. If they select Canada, the State / Province / Region drop down will swap out its list of U.S. States for a list of Canadian provinces.

Soapbox Donations international payments

If the Country selected is one other than the United States or Canada, the State / Province / Region drop down will become a simple text field and the Postal / Zip Code field will be displayed and required or not based on the country chosen.

And, as with any payment from the good ol’ U S of A, the transaction data is posted to Salesforce in realtime.

Interested in getting that cash from Dubai or Nunavut or Timbuktu and recording it automatically in Salesforce? Hit us up!


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