5 easy ways for non-profits to prepare for Dreamforce 2012

If this year will be your first time at Salesforce’s Dreamforce, don’t worry, you’re likely to have a lot of non-profit friends in the same boat. With more than 70,000 attendees expected this year, it’s easy to get overwhelmed by the sea of humanity crashing downtown San Francisco for the cloud party of the year.

Here’s a simple checklist of some of my top ways to make the most out of your Dreamforce experience (and yes, it’s not a conference, it’s an “experience”).

1) Sign up for the non-profit sessions, immediately

I remember seeing huge lines of non-profit folks unable to attend the non-profit focused sessions back in 2010, and while things got better in 2011, I suspect the demand for these sessions will be high.  Right after you read this blog post, login to the Dreamforce website and then go to Sessions > Filters > Non-Profit and Higher Ed.  Click the green buttons to sign up for the sessions, it’s that easy.  It’s important to note that you often times MUST register for a session beforehand, so sign up right away!

2) Flock together with the non-profit birds of a feather…at Moscone West 3rd Floor

The non-profit community will be converging on nearly all sessions, impromptu discussions, and general networking on Moscone West’s 3rd Floor, which is just west from the main Moscone Center.  Here you’ll also find the non-profit expo hall, with providers serving our sector, including our Soapbox Engage booth (just look for the penguin…you’ll find us).  If you just want to hide away and get some work done, there’s a few great white bean bag areas right around the corner on the 3rd floor that we PICnetters love to use each year.

3) Enjoy the keynotes, but spend as much time making one-on-one connections

Let’s be honest, the keynotes are great, but you can always watch them online later.  You’ll never have a chance to make the one-on-one connections afforded to you by making new friends.  Have a burning Salesforce question you want answered?  There’s probably at least 5 other folks with the same question looking for the answer.  Stop by our Soapbox Engage booth and we’ll either answer your question or play matchmaker to make sure you get it answered by one of our friends.

4) Keep up with as-it’s-happening non-profit news via Twitter

Three PICnetters will be descending on Dreamforce this year, and we’ll be sharing all the non-profit specific information we find via our Twitter account @picnet.  Prep your smartphones so that you can easily keep your finger on the pulse of the latest news, impromptu discussions, and more.

5) Celebrate with your non-profit friends

PICnet is proud to sponsor (and run the Soapbox Engage based website) for the Social Impact Salon: Happy Hour on Tuesday, September 18 from 6:30pm – 9pm.  It’s free, but space is limited and  filling up fast, so register today!  Let loose, and enjoy some good times with non-profit friends.

Remember, there’s so much going on at Dreamforce, it’s going to be impossible to get absolutely everything you want out of this fast paced conference.  That said, focus your energy on building connections with folks that can help point you in the right direction for success during the year, and your organization will be thankful they sent you to Dreamforce.  Come stop by our penguin-loving Soapbox Engage booth, and we’ll make sure we get you the answers you need.

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