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Soapbox Mailer for Salesforce: video tour and free trial on Salesforce AppExchange

Grab some popcorn, nestle into a comfortable seat and get ready to take just under five minutes to tour the world’s only affordable mass email solution for – email marketing directly from for 10¢ per 1,000 emails and a monthly subscription built for your budget.

Listen to Ryan Ozimek’s dulcet tones as we walks you through the high points. And, man, are there high points! Salesforce-native app. Easy social sharing on the Twitters and Facebook. Real-time Campaign metrics. Granular Campaign Member tracking on opens, clicks, and social sharing. Boo-tay kicking bounce handling. And much, much more!

Dig it? Learn more about the features.

Want it? Start with a free trial by installing Soapbox Mailer for Salesforce off the AppExchange.

Watch it!:


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