Soapbox Mailer for Salesforce: Growing and global

Our little Soapbox Mailer for Salesforce kiddo is growing like a weed! Not yet two months old from its launch at Dreamforce 2012, the little tyke has shown dynamic global growth in downloads from the AppExchange, having been installed by folks in more than ten countries across four continents.

Not too shabby for a not-yet-two-month-old!

Salesforce AppExchangeWe can’t say we’re too surprised, proud parents that we are. Our little one had a leg up on the other kids, even those much older than him. Salesforce-native. Affordable. Snazzy social sharing tools. Real-time metrics. The kid’s got good DNA, we tell ya!

Interested in what this little prodigy can do for your non-profit or business?! Read the whole run down and then jump on over to the AppExchange to download it and get started with a free trial.

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