Soapbox Engage Partner Program: Hey you! Salesforce consultant serving non-profits!

You’re a consultant. You know like the back of your hand. You use this power for good – not evil! – by working with groovy non-profits heaven-bent on crushing disease or feeding hungry folks or lovin’ Mother Earth or doing any manner of creatively-inspired mayhem that cultivates the social good. And you help make that happen through development.

That’s you, eh? Sweet! We like you already!

We’re two of a kind, we tell ya. And we should totally hook up.

Why? You know Salesforce. We know web. Our tools integrate Salesforce with the web. Online donations? Yep. Event management on a non-profit’s website? Sure. Searchable directories to display members or other whatnot from Salesforce online? No prob. Flexible forms that push data to any object in Salesforce? Stone cold easy.

How? Through our fancy new Soapbox Engage Partner Program.

What’s in it for you? Here are the high points:

  1. Be introduced to qualified organizations that need your specific expertise Partners are shortlisted in our recommendations to organizations that are looking for the best consulting firms in our sector.
  2. Gain another marketing vehicle that shows off your great work via an external third-party reference Partners are listed on our partner directory, providing potential clients the information they need to contact you directly and short-cut the typically more time-intensive process of finding qualified organizations. Additionally, we provide partners special marketing materials and badges to highlight their expertise.
  3. Build the knowledge necessary to manage Soapbox Engage projects more efficiently and profitably Partners receive access to our limited partner newsletters and webinars, which highlight inside information about upcoming releases. Additionally, partners receive a partner account manager to help answer your questions one-on-one.
  4. Increase client happiness and loyalty by pointing them to a trusted partner that will make you shine Why send your hard-earned clients to faceless companies? We build strong relationships with our partners and ensure that all our partners’ organizations receive the high-touch Soapbox Salon Experience that shows your clients that you’re deeply interested in their success even outside their work with you.

Interested? Take a moment to visit our Partner Program page to check out the details, complete the quick Partner application, and you’re on your way!

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