Top 10 reasons to complete the NTEN Nonprofit Technology Staffing & Spending Survey

NTEN logoNTEN is conducting the 7th annual Nonprofit Technology Staffing and Investments survey in order to provide both benchmarks and qualitative data about technology decisions and practices among nonprofit organizations.

Just in case your finger isn’t jumping to click the link to complete the survey just yet, here are ten reasons why you should (drum roll, please)…

10. It gives you a chance to brag about the bags of money your organization spends on technology

9. That one Nonprofit Technology Conference when NTEN staff made that embarrassing situation you caused “disappear”

8. You like completing surveys (pause) in bed!

7. You can insert your Christmas wish list into the survey since I hear NTEN and Santa are tight like that

6. Awesome chance to add Survey Taker to the many hats you wear

5. You might win stuff if you complete it before December 21st

4. Oprah!

3. Pondering your answers will give you that thoughtful, slightly pensive look you’ve been told is so deeply alluring

2. If it feels this right, it can’t be wrong

1. The folks at NTEN are bright, dedicated, and helping the sector. Your contribution will assist them in a big way and, in turn, help out the sector as a whole. So, hop to it!


Psst…want to get in on some secrets about nonprofit tech strategy, the innovations we’re building, and how folks are rockin’ their worlds by putting it all to use?

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