Sandy Hook, Mister Rogers, and why I work in non-profit technology

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People matter. How we think, what we say, what we do matters. There is no clearer reminder of that than the tragic events at Sandy Hook. People commit evil, unspeakable acts. And people help and protect, resist and overcome, console and mourn.

We do these things in community. We are changed and shaped by and with those we live alongside, for better and for worse.

How can we change and shape our communitiies for the better so we can prevent the next Sandy Hook?

I don’t know. No one of us knows. If we did, it would have stopped with Clackamas Town Center or Aurora, Colorado or Virginia Tech or Columbine or so many other communities affected by violence. It touches on big issues. On how we address mental illness. On gun policy. On many others.

And, while I don’t know how we can prevent it, I know it will take the helpers. Many, many helpers working in big and small ways to address these issues across our communities, as communities. To respond more compassionately and more effectively to those with mental illness. To craft sensible gun policy. To inspire and inform others to be helpers themselves.

Technology matters because people matter. And non-profit technology matters because the helpers need help. It expands their reach to inform and inspire the community conversation we need to have about these, and other, issues. It facilitiates and empowers the actions we take. It energizes and catalyzes social change in ways not possible or made significantly slower without it.

I mourn this weekend along with the rest of the nation over the horrific events in Newtown yesterday. I pray for the families touched by this tragedy and for all of us as a country. And, on Monday, I return to work with increased determination and passion to empower the helpers for the long, hard work ahead.

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