Three lessons on nonprofit SEO from my eBay experience

SEO and eBayAs a Project Manager at PICnet, I often give clients advice on how to optimize their web content for search engines. However, when posting some items to eBay the other day, I realized just how easy it is to make fatal Search Engine Optimization (SEO) flaws.

After spending a fairly tedious two hours posting nine items to eBay, here is what I have been reminded of when writing content for the web:

  1. Use broad terms: When I first posted my digital camera for sale on eBay I titled it “Nikon CoolPix S3, 6 Megapixl”, which I thought was super descriptive. However, I completely forgot to include the words “digital camera”. Pretty big omission. When writing content for the web be clear and include broad terms when describing things. After all, web browsers may not know precisely what they are looking for.
  2. Use colloquial language: When I posted a Fossil belt for sale I included the description that was printed on the belt itself “full grain cowhide”. After staring at the post for a few minutes, I deleted that description and replaced it with “genuine leather”. When is the last time you looked for a “cowhide” anything? Exactly.
  3. Be mindful of your audience: When I posted a pair of heels, I included the European size (since that is what the shoe company I bought the heels from uses). However, I realized that by using the European size it cuts out anyone who us looking for a US size. I changed the size in my title from “Women’s size EU 40″ to “Women’s size 9 (EU 40)”. Being mindful of your audience can change the information that you include in your web content which may in turn make it rank higher in serch engine results.

Now that all my eBay listings are SEO optimized, hopefully that will mean more views, watches, and ultimately bids. All that’s left is to decide how to spend my profits!


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