Salesforce fundraising tools top talk at Quarterly Connect

PICnet Quarterly Connect Q1 2013Each quarter, PICnetters from across the country fly in to our Washington DC headquarters for a one day all-hands meeting to discuss the success of the previous quarter and plan for the quarter ahead.  Since today’s Quarterly Connect was our first of the year, it doubles as our annual planning event of the year, giving me an opportunity to share a vision for the company moving forward through the year.

We discussed the unique opportunity our team has in today’s environment to take some important steps forward on new products that we’ve planned for many years.  We’ve agreed that our Soapbox Engage service’s integration with Salesforce, and the tools we’ve created to help organizations fundraise more effectively online, are key to our clients’ success in 2013.  Based on these building blocks, we’re excited to work with our clients, partners, and friends to continue expanding our services for the sector.

This plan dovetails nicely with our existing commitment to further evangelize about the Salesforce Foundation’s Nonprofit Starter Pack, a service that enables organizations to utilize the Salesforce service more appropriately for charitable organizations.  All of our new products planned for 2013 will have deep integrations with the Salesforce service, benefitting the more than 10,000 organizations currently using Salesforce.

Our Soapbox Engage service currently covers a variety of online fundraising needs for organizations, including:

  • online donations
  • membership payments
  • event registrations
  • form building services
  • member directory services
  • advocacy petitions
  • mass email services (Soapbox Mailer – mass marketing service for Salesforce)

We recognize that there are some features our organizations are looking for us to provide to assist them in meeting their missions.  Our goal is to ensure that we round out our Soapbox Engage offerings to provide a complete service package for organizations of all sizes.  With our mapped course moving forward, we’re confident that we’ll be able to stay true to our mantra of affordability, efficiency, and ease of use.

The time for a new round of innovation has come.  Come join us for the ride!

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