VIDEO: B Corporation website features dynamic, visually-compelling Salesforce integration

B Corporation logoWe shared awhile back about the flexibility Soapbox provides in displaying Salesforce records within your website. We featured some snaps of Fozzy Bear to give a glimpse of how your Salesforce data can come alive on the web page.

Well, move over Fozzy. The B Corporation website sets a whole new standard for dynamic, visually-compelling Salesforce integration.

Take the Soapbox Two-Minute Tour in this video to see how those integrations power a directory of Certified B Corporations:

Call it an elegant mix of style and substance, sizzle and smarts. T2AP Creative, longtime brand mavens for B Labs, dreamt up some amazing designs and we were delighted to breathe life into them.

As featured in the tour, the Company Profile view using Salesforce data has some fancy voodoo we do to customize the url itself. We’re partial to this profile which transforms the base url of into this gorgeous, custom one:

You can click on the thumbnail image here for a snapshot of the full page view to see how the Salesforce data is transformed on the page:

B Corporation Company Profile

Also as noted in the tour, Soapbox has the ability to match Salesforce records and articles in the content management system (CMS). As B Labs adds content to their blog, those articles can be associated through keywords to matching Company Profiles in Salesforce, causing matching articles to appear on at the bottom of a Company Profile page using the nifty card design show at the bottom of the home page.

If you’d like to learn more about how you can integrate your website with Salesforce, let us know!

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