Blog series – Simple ideas for online nonprofit membership management using Salesforce: Members-only contact info

Tell us if this sounds familiar: you’re a membership organization that wants to have a members-only section – but you have no idea what to put in your members-only section that will encourage members to login and login often?

You’re not alone. It’s a common dilemma member organizations face. Since content is king on the interwebs, you don’t want to unnecessarily restrict great content to only logged in members when if really should be public. You also likely don’t have time to create regular and robust content exclusively for a members-only section.

So, how do you share enticing, mouth-watering members-only content they’ll want to login to dig into without doubling your web management task?

Dessert 07/19/2007

For websites integrating with Salesforce, there will be a few great ideas to consider. None will require additional staff time to manage content beyond what you already do. Each will encourage folks to login.

Today’s focuses on displaying existing data you have in your Salesforce account about your members – but restricting certain elements of it to logged in users.

To see the public-facing side of this idea in action, check out the online member directory we built for the Nonprofit Roundtable of Greater Washington.

This directory is displaying data from the Roundtable’s Salesforce Account object for active members. It allows public end users to search and sort those listings, and click a listing to learn more.

When logged in members use this same search directory, additional fields for privileged contact information appear. This allows the Roundtable to offer member-only information about their members as a benefit to their members – all the while displaying it from Salesforce so there is no extra web management time needed since it is updated through their member management processes.

Want to find out what members-only data is available through the Nonprofit Roundtable’s directory? Become a member!

Next idea for Tuesday’s installment of the blog series: more members-only content for zero additional staff time through integration with Salesforce.

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This is one of a several part blog series of simple ideas for successful online nonprofit membership management using Salesforce. You can view the entire series here.

If you’re a nonprofit membership organization interested in integrating your website with Salesforce, contact us! You can also read 15 reasons why membership organizations love Non-Profit Soapbox and Salesforce to learn more about the membership management options in Non-Profit Soapbox.

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