Blog series – Simple ideas for online nonprofit membership management using Salesforce: Dues payment history

If you’re a member organization looking to offer tasty content for a members-only area, we offered a tantalizing idea on Friday for providing logged in users access to private contact information of other members in Salesforce. A valuable service to your members with no additional website management for you.

Today is the same song different verse, this one to the tune of the cash register.

If you collect dues and track them in Salesforce, you’ve got a pile of valuable data about the times your members have rung the cash register.

Cash Keys

Add value to your members-only area by providing logged in users a list of their past payments. Include amounts and dates. Let them know when their membership expires. All through integrating your website with your Salesforce instance. Doing so not only provides a valuable service to your members for managing their membership with no added work for managing your site but could even reduce the work for your membership department since more information sharing can lead to fewer questions and happier members.

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This is one of a several part blog series of simple ideas for successful online nonprofit membership management using Salesforce. You can view the entire series here.

If you’re a nonprofit membership organization interested in integrating your website with Salesforce, contact us! You can also read 15 reasons why membership organizations love Non-Profit Soapbox and Salesforce to learn more about the membership management options in Non-Profit Soapbox.

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