Project Management Quick Tip: Develop a start and end of week routine

This is the first of an occasional PICnet blog series: Project Management Quick Tip. These quick tips are lessons that we Project Managers have learned in our work to keep things on time, on budget, and most importantly, to make sure that we have happy clients.

We, the PICnet Project Management team, may not be perfect but we are constantly pursuing greatness – yes, greatness! We offer these tips from lessons learned in that pursuit.

Here’s our first quick tip that will hopefully help you in your own project management work:

Develop a start and end of the week (and day) routine

My to do list is healed and in use!

Every Monday I take a few minutes to type out the general plan for the week, which I then have as a reference throughout the week to make sure I’m hitting my goals. I do the same for my daily tasks, but I am more specific with my to dos for the day.

When making these to do lists, I find it helpful to place a couple quick and easy tasks at the top to start my day. This helps me to get in the rhythm and feel the productivity flowing before I begin working on more time-intensive tasks.

So there’s your Project Management Quick Tip, the first of hopefully many to come. Thanks for reading and happy project managing for your own nonprofit!

Photo credit: robstephaustralia on Flickr

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