Quickly escalate supporter engagement through multi-step appeals for your nonprofit

Nonprofits have several ways individuals can support their missions – through volunteering, attending an event, signing a petition, making a donation, becoming a member, and more.

Nonprofits would love to have each individual support them in ALL of the ways they provide.

Like any relationship, those steps of engagement with your organization happen incrementally over time. Just as one doesn’t meet a promising someone at a bar and instantly get down on one knee to pop the question, organizations need to work a little romance over time to nurture and expand a relationship with each individual.

That’s called moving them up the engagement ladder in nonprofit-speak.

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And while it does take time and nurturing, interested folks just may be down with scampering up that ladder, if you ask them the right way. One approach we’ve seen nonprofits take when using our Soapbox Engage online tools that integrate with Salesforce.com is multi-step appeals.

What’s a multi-step appeal? A first ask followed by second, targeted to interested folks directly after the say yes initially.

A great example is the Groundswell Movement and their petition campaigns. Groundswell runs several petition campaigns using Soapbox Engage to mobilize communities of faith around pressing community and national issues.

On select campaigns, once someone signs the petition, they are sent to a thank you page. That thank you page is a donation form that asks if they’d like to take the next step and support Groundswell with their hard earned cash.

Think of it like asking someone out again right at the end of a successful date.

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Photo credit: Håkan Dahlström on Flickr

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