Convio Common Ground Refugee Countdown: What’s your plan for March 30, 2014 shut down?

With March nearly upon us, the year countdown will begin for Common Ground Refugees to find new homes for their constituent relationship management (CRM) system before the March 30, 2014 shut off of their services with Convio Common Ground – a shut off date that means you will no longer have access your CRM unless you have a current contract extending beyond that date.

What’s your plan for your nonprofit ahead of the March 30, 2014 shut down?


If you’re in need of one, our Convio Common Ground Refugee Assistance Email Hotline is at your disposal.

And take some time to consider the three questions each Convio Common Ground Refugee should be asking themselves as they consider alternatives that will serve their nonprofit into the future.

We’d also encourage you to review our Soapbox Engage Partners for a list of folks who can help with your migration to a new system.

Photo credit: Bill David Brooks on Flickr

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