Online event management enhances attendee info collection – all integrating with Salesforce

What do you get when you take Soapbox Events and expand its options for collecting attendee information as part of the reservation process?

Why, online event management that’s made to order and integrates seamlessly with Salesforce.

‘Cause sometimes you just need to ask “Want fries with that?”

Oven roasted french fries

With the most recent release of our Soapbox platform, you have a great deal of flexibility in requesting or requiring information from attendees in Soapbox Events – from basic contact information to organization to title to custom questions you may wish to add that save responses directly to Salesforce.

What’s more, you can customize the reservation process headings and labels and tooltips and button text and attendee form user experience all with a few clicks to suit your needs.

Salesforce integration: Required Salesforce package updates

If you have Soapbox Events and are using Salesforce integration, you will need to update the Soapbox Events for Salesforce managed package to Version 2.1 to add Custom Salesforce Fields to an event. If you’re in need of that package, let us know and we’ll send it over!.

Interested in online event management for your website?

Hit us up! Whether you’re looking to add Soapbox Events management alongside your existing website through our Soapbox Engage service or wish to upgrade your entire website to our Non-Profit Soapbox platform, we’re happy to help!

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