Our Clients Rock: Antarctic and Southern Ocean Coalition

At PICnet, we love what we do. Deeply. And the prime numero uno reason for this is that we work with great clients who are rocking the world for social good.

We’re happy to share the second in our occasional series of personal little love notes from a PICnetter to one of our clients. Julie Dennis sends this out to the good folks at the Antarctic and Southern Ocean Coalition.

Who is the Antarctic and Southern Ocean Coalition?

The logo-asocAntarctic and Southern Ocean Coalition (ASOC) was founded in 1978 initially to expose negotiations on minerals, gas, and oil that could pose potential dangers to the Antarctic and Southern Oceans.

Now ASOC also addresses issues related to tourism, climate change, and shipping and is the main NGO voice for Antarctic environmental protection.

Antarctica Trip 2001

Why the Antarctic and Southern Ocean Coalition rocks?

It’s no secret that I’m a tad obsessed with penguins. Penguin calendar, socks, jewelry, cards, need I go on? So of course, I want to make sure my furry little friends have a nice, safe environment in which to live. That’s why I am so excited that our client ASOC is hard at work to make sure penguins (and other marine animals) will always have a home in their natural habitat.


How is ASOC rocking things currently?

ASOC is currently in the middle of a huge campaign to make the Ross Sea a Marine Protected Area (MPA). Discovered in 1841, the Ross Sea has yet to be harmed by human activity and has not been damaged extensively by overfishing, pollution, or invasive species. With its whale, seal, and fish populations that have yet to be exploited, the Ross Sea provides habitat for significant populations of many animals, including 38% of the world’s Adélie penguins and 26% of Emperor penguins! It is important to protect this last refuge for open–ocean marine life and scientific research.


So what is ASOC doing to help? First off, they’ve joined the Antarctic Ocean Alliance to work specifically on Antarctic MPAs over the next few years, and they are hoping that this summer’s special meeting of the governments that manage the Southern Ocean will lead to them agreeing on MPAs for the Ross Sea and East Antarctica. Let’s hope this meeting results in with saving the Ross Sea for the enjoyment of penguins.

Feeling the love for the Antarctic and Southern Ocean Coalition?

Tweet a quick love note of your own to them now!

Photo credits: John “Pathfinder” Lester on Flickr, KIUKO and Anne Froehlich on Flickr

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