Brooklyn-based IceStone recovers from Superstorm Sandy

IceStone logoAfter five months of diligent cleaning and repair work in the wake of Superstorm Sandy, IceStone’s Brooklyn factory floor is humming again.

“The machines started running last week,” said Sarah Corey, Marketing Manager for IceStone.

IceStone factory post-Superstorm Sandy

IceStone factory floor in wake of Superstorm Sandy

IceStone, PICnet client and fellow B Corporation, transforms waste glass into beautiful, high quality surfaces used in commercial in residential settings as countertops. In October 2012, with their factory floor under five feet of salt water from Sandy, they were faced with the massive task of salvaging their own space.

“The factory was clean within two weeks after the storm,” said Corey. “The machines took the longest to come back. Some of the larger machines are from Germany and Italy along with transformers that power those machines. Repairing these took the bulk of the time due to the holidays and the need to recalibrate the electrical output to American standards.”

With their factory flooded, their PICnet-built website was a vital communication link to customers and community.

“The website was our critical place to give people updates,” said Corey. “We didn’t have electricity in our facility so being able to access the back end of the site remotely was critical during those weeks.”

Their ability to easily manage and update website content proved invaluable.

“We put up messages on the site to provide cell numbers so customers could reach us,” said Corey. “We used the site to tell our story and promote a crowdfunding project as well as thank the donors that contributed to the effort.”

Now, five months later, the massive clean up and communication efforts have poised them to take advantage of the coming construction high season.

“We have lots of orders to fulfill,” said Corey.

This is due to an increase in demand associated with the coming summer months, a rebound of residential and commercial construction, and the quality of the product and services they provide.

“We have been very fortunate to have been working with patient customers who love IceStone and want to keep the product,” said Corey.

If you’re interested in IceStone’s products, check out their website. You can use their Fabricator & Showroom Locator which uses PICnet tools to display results from their Salesforce data based on zip code radius search, to find a location near you.

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