Top 5 Reasons to attend Soapbox User Summit: Reason #1

Soapbox User Summit
Wednesday, May 8th
9:30 am – 5:30 pm
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We’re just under three weeks away from the second annual Soapbox User Summit on May 8th – and have reached the first and final reason in our countdown of the Top 5 Reasons Soapbox users should register and attend.

Reason #1: Nothing beats face-to-face with the Soapbox community to empower your organization

We’ve got cell phones and Skype and email and Facebook and Google Hangouts and GoToMeeting and all sorts of ways to connect virtually. But there is nothing quite as productive and energizing as face-to-face discussions with fellow Soapbox users and PICnetters to transform a few hour investment into insanely productive time that empowers your organization and its online strategy.

Just ask Paul Wessel, Executive Director of the Green Parking Council:

It was great to meet the Soapbox staff and users, compare notes, see what others are doing and learn what’s next on the Soapbox platform. It was definitely worth the trip down from Connecticut. Next year, I just hope there’s some chocolate.

For you, Paul, with your journey down from Connecticut? We’ll have chocolate.

Don’t miss out! Register today to join us on May 8th!

Register today!

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