Memories of 2012 inaugural Soapbox User Summit

Can you believe it? It’s been one year since we had our inaugural Soapbox User Summit, but I still remember April 19, 2012 like it was yesterday. We had all the PICnetters together from near and far. We had Gunner from Aspiration Tech facilitate and clients attend from DC, Maryland, Connecticut, and New York.  

We voted on our own session ideas, broke out into small groups, mingled with the Support Department at PICnet, had a gorgeous location and beautiful weather, and got to learn from accidental techies about their successes and struggles with technology for their own organizations.

Soapbox User Summit session ideas

It was certainly a productive, worthwhile way to spend a day in Washington, DC.

But what’s that? It’s happening again? That’s right! This Wednesday, May 8, 2013 we’ll be repeating the magic of our first Soapbox User Summit with the 2013 version.

Although the location has changed and the weather can’t be guaranteed, with all of our clients gathering in one space for an all-day unconference, it’s sure to be full of insightful information, giving us a renewed sense of community within the non-profit world with tons of tricks, tools, best practices, and discussion peppered throughout the day.

As an attendee, you get to pick the topics you want to discuss, have first-hand access to PICnet staff so all your questions get answered, and have the opportunity to submit new feature requests to help shape the future of our tools. Plus, we want to show you what products we at PICnet have been working on this past year. We have so many things we want to share with you, face to face, during the summit so don’t miss out on this opportunity!

If you didn’t sign up yet, do so now and make some memories with us at this year’s Soapbox User Summit!

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