Our Clients Rock: City Parks Alliance

At PICnet, we love what we do. Deeply. And the prime numero uno reason for this is that we work with great clients who are rocking the world for social good.

We’re happy to share the next in our occasional series of personal little love notes from a PICnetter to one of our clients. Julie Dennis sends this out to the good folks at City Parks Alliance.

Who is City Parks Alliance?

City Parks Alliance logoCity Parks Alliance (CPA) is the only nationwide membership organization dedicated to urban parks. By uniting hundreds of civic and community leaders, government agencies, and recreation authorities, CPA is able to hold steadfast to its mission of engaging, educating, and nurturing the creation, revitalization, and sustainability of parks and green spaces in cities.

City Parks photo

Why does City Parks Alliance rock?

As an organization that includes parks from all over the United States and Canada as members, City Parks Alliance focuses on the importance of these parks’ role in the social, economic, and physical well-being of America’s urban areas and its residents. As parks are a gathering place for local communities, there is a sense of engagement and civic pride. Economically and physically speaking, there are many benefits to city parks. For the largest 85 cities in the country with a total population of 57.2 million, the health savings from parks is an estimated $3.08 billion! Plus, let’s be honest – city parks are pretty! You can’t go to one and not smile because you’re breathing in fresh air and have the opportunity to use the park for a nice walk, run, or bike ride!

How is City Parks Alliance rocking things currently?

City Parks Alliance is currently looking for nominations for their 2014 Frontline Parks. Frontline Parks promotes inspiring examples of urban park excellence, innovation, and stewardship across the country.

Twelve parks – one each month – will be featured on CPA’s home page in 2014, and each Frontline Park story will show how parks and their stewards are on the forefront of creating healthier, more sustainable cities during these tough economic times.

City Parks Alliance is looking for projects in the following topics: Community Engagement and Capacity Building; Design; Recreation, Health and Educational Programs; Green Infrastructure; Capital and Operational Funding; and Public/Private Partnerships.

Do you know a park that should be nominated? If so, check out the nomination form on City Parks Alliance’s website!

Photo credit: City Parks Alliance

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