Flexible API limits in Salesforce Winter ’14 release great news for nonprofits

Salesforce Winter '14 releaseTucked into the Winter ’14 Force.com Platform Release from Salesforce.com is a little gem that nonprofits, and Soapbox users in particular, can get excited about: the addition of flexible API limits.

Flexible limits allow your organization to exceed its API request limit up to 50 percent above your normal limits within the limit timeframe (typically 24 hours). For example, if your daily limit for API requests is 100,000, it’ s extended to 150,000. The following day, if your organization activity spikes again, the limit will be extended to 150,000 requests again. If our service no longer has capacity to handle the extra API requests, the flexible limits are retracted and normal limits apply.

This is great news at it allows for occasional spikes in traffic to site services communicating with Salesforce without needing to break the bank by purchasing higher than average API limits year-round to account for those occasional spikes.

That’s perfect for managing year-end fundraising efforts, hot online petition campaigns that are generating a lot of buzz, mass email marketing blasts with an online call to action integrating with Salesforce, and any other time-specific activity that generates temporary spikes in traffic to an organization’s Soapbox site integrating with Salesforce.

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