Soapbox Mailer for Salesforce now 30% faster sending mass emails

Soapbox Mailer, our Salesforce-native mass email app built for your budget, just got much faster in delivering messages.

Soapbox Mailer 30% faster

Thanks to features included in the Salesforce Summer ’13 release, we’ve optimized Soapbox Mailer to produce benchmark testing showing 30% faster email delivery.

That’s 30% faster delivery for Salesforce-native mass email with robust performance metrics and trackable social media integration – all for 10¢ per 1,000 emails and a subscription starting at $19 per month.

Interested in getting mass email native to Salesforce? Get your free 30-day trial from the AppExchange today!

UPDATE AS OF 1/23/2014: Early results in the field have shown significantly higher gains with clients reporting 60% speed increases.

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