Whose brand are you building with your nonprofit’s online petition?

I just signed a petition for a cause I believe in, sponsored by an organization I care about. The petition happened to use a well-known online petitions platform.

The logo on the top of that site was for the platform.

The thank you email that landed in my inbox after I signed the petition was from the platform’s email address.

That platform’s logo was at the top of the thank you email. Its name was in the footer.

The thank you email was even signed by the platform’s team.

When all was said and done, it was hard to remember whose petition I had signed.

Are you building your own brand or someone else’s with your online petition solution?

If the answer isn’t clear, maybe it’s time to make your own change.

Petitions branding

We believe it’s important to put a premium on highlighting your organization’s brand over a platform’s in every aspect of your online engagement tools. Popular, nationally known tools have chosen a different strategy.

How important is it to feature your organization’s brand over the platform’s in your online engagement tools? What is the trade off when using a tool that highlights the platform over your organization?

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