Introducing Soapbox Petitions: Mobilize supporters, build your mailing list, advance your mission

Online petitions are a powerful way to mobilize supporters, build your mailing list, increase donations, and advance your mission.

We’re proud to introduce Soapbox Petitions, our latest app with which you can easily create mobile-friendly petition campaigns with your organization’s branding that integrate directly with With Soapbox Petitions, there is no platform that gets in between you and your supporters. No sponsored petitions dilute your message. No fees are charged for gaining access to your supporters or for the size of your mailing list.

It’s you and your mission, optimized for mobile, integrated with your website, exceedingly easy for you to create and your supporters to sign and share socially, with their data saved directly to Salesforce.

Opt for Soapbox Petitions as a stand alone service – or add in other Soapbox Engage online engagement services for processing donations, managing events, building forms, creating searchable directories, and offering member self-service portals, all integrated with the power of Salesforce.

Interested in learning more?

Attend our webinar Building your non-profit’s mailing list with online petitions on Thursday, January 30th from 1 – 1:30 pm or contact us to schedule a demo!

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