Soapbox Shop ecommerce enhancements boost nonprofit ability to raise money, integrate with Salesforce

Soapbox Shop offers nonprofits ecommerce tools that integrate with Salesforce. Sell widgets or wares, subscriptions or swag, memberships or matchsticks, and have transaction and order data saved directly to Salesforce.

What’s more, using our user integration add on, you can restrict what products and price points can be selected by visitors according to login status, membership level, and more!

Soapbox Shop April 2014 With the latest update to Soapbox Shop, you have even more power and flexibility for displaying and organizing products. Watch our short video highlighting those enhancements:

Interested in putting Soapbox Shop to work raising money for your nonprofit? Curious about how it and the rest of the Soapbox Engage suite of online engagement tools can boost supporters and donations? Hit us up!

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