Global Fund for Women mobilizes thousands within days with Soapbox Petitions and Salesforce

Global Fund for Women, a leader in advancing the rights of women and girls worldwide, is using Soapbox Petitions to mobilize thousands of supporters around the globe on behalf of survivors of rape in conflict areas such as eastern Congo and Syria.

Global Fund for Women petition

Soapbox Petitions, the latest app in the Soapbox Engage online engagement platform, provides real-time integration with Salesforce for the capturing of supporter data and a mobile-friendly user experience to facilitate action on any device.

“Global Fund for Women is very happy to have been an early adopter of Soapbox Petitions. It offers a ton of great customization features and delivers a gorgeous user experience,” said Laura Shapiro, Director of Online Communications.

With the campaign only a few days old, the response has already been impressive with more than 8,000 individuals signing the petition.

“Conversion rates for the petition’s first week have topped 72%,” cited Shapiro.

What’s more, Soapbox Petitions gets high marks for its ease of implementation:

“Salesforce integration was a snap, and as always, we benefited from PICnet’s outstanding, personalized customer service. A+++!” said Shapiro.

If you wish to support Global Fund for Women and stand in solidarity with women and girls who have survived rape in war-torn regions, visit their petition page.

If your organization would like to learn more about Soapbox Petitions and how you can mobilize supporters through Salesforce-integrated online advocacy, let us know!

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