88% of online petition signers new to Global Fund for Women; email list grows by thousands

Two weeks ago, we highlighted Global Fund for Women, a leader in advancing the rights of women and girls worldwide, and its efforts to mobilize supporters around the globe with Soapbox Petitions and Salesforce.

This campaign on behalf of survivors of rape in conflict areas such as eastern Congo and Syria garnered thousands of signatures in just days. As of this afternoon, more than 9,100 supporters have signed their petition.

Global Fund for Women: 88% new contacts

What’s more, the overwhelming percentage of these supporters are new to Global Fund for Women:

“The petition’s clean interface and embedded social sharing tools have made the petition very attractive to sign and to share. We have acquired a huge number of new supporters thanks to this campaign: 88% of signers so far are new to the Global Fund for Women,” said Laura Shapiro, Director of Online Communications.

With Soapbox Petitions and its integration with Salesforce, supporter information is saved directly to Salesforce, allowing Global Fund for Women to easily determine the real-time progress of the campaign in gathering new supporters.

If you wish to support Global Fund for Women and stand in solidarity with women and girls who have survived rape in war-torn regions, visit their petition page.

If your nonprofit is interested in growing your mailing list, contact us to learn about the power of online advocacy and Soapbox Petitions!

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