“Painful, painful” grant application process made easy and efficient for staff and applicants with Soapbox Engage

When Action for Healthy Kids elected to build their new website with Soapbox Engage, they chose more than just a great looking, mobile-friendly website that was easy to manage and useful for event registrations. They adopted a powerful platform integrating with Salesforce.com in ways that have transformed core business processes.

“The process for applying for our grants has completely changed as a result of Engage,” said Anthony Moss, Web and Database Manager for Action for Healthy Kids. “It was a painful, painful thing before. We’d have to send people to Survey Monkey and dowload responses in an Excel file.”

Through Soapbox Engage, applicants are able to login to the website, create a grant application, edit it iteratively over time, and submit when ready. That application is saved directly to Action for Healthy Kids’ Salesforce.com instance where staff can review, respond to applicants directly from the system, and approve applications that meet criteria.

“Having grant applicants able to login to submit their application is huge,” enthused Moss. “Our applications are consistent with our branding. We can message applicants in real-time directly in Salesforce and view real-time reporting on the number and status of applications. Even from our visitors’ point of view, the process is much improved.

“Integrating our grant application process with our website and Salesforce through Soapbox Engage has been the biggest benefit for us.”

Action for Healthy Kids fights childhood obesity, undernourishment and physical inactivity by helping schools become healthier places so kids can live healthier lives. This post is part of a weekly series highlighting their adoption of Soapbox Engage to empower their work to mobilize thousands across the country to raise healthier kids.

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