Soapbox Engage: “Only tool I could find” to effectively measure program impact for nonprofit

Action for Healthy Kids faced a common dilemma at the core of every nonprofit: how to gauge impact. Specifically, as a nonprofit mobilizing thousands of volunteers to catalyze change in schools across the nation, how could they know how many schools they were touching?

In Soapbox Engage and, Action for Healthy Kids found their answer:

“We purchased a list of 130,000 schools across the country and uploaded it to,” explained Anthony Moss, Web and Database Manager for Action for Healthy Kids. “We then directed users to our website where they could search for the school with which they are affiliated by utilizing the Soapbox Engage Salesforce search tool.”

The combination of’s flexible and scalable system and Soapbox’s ability to query and update data in made it possible for supporters to complete the survey on their own, providing Action for Healthy Kids the information they needed while saving countless hours of staff time.

“We needed very badly to know how many schools we were touching for internal reporting purposes,” said Moss. “In doing research on various applications, Soapbox Engage was the only tool I could find to accomplish this.”

Action for Healthy Kids fights childhood obesity, undernourishment and physical inactivity by helping schools become healthier places so kids can live healthier lives. This post is part of a weekly series highlighting their adoption of Soapbox Engage to empower their work to mobilize thousands across the country to raise healthier kids.

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