5 simple improvements to your donation form that will increase online giving

As your nonprofit ramps up efforts for its end-of-year giving campaign, here are five easy improvements that you can make today to your donation form to increase online giving – all in under five minutes!


1) Tighten up text to create a concise ask

You may be using 150 words when 50 will do. Make your appeal concise so there is less reading and more giving.

See how Global Fund for Women compellingly expresses its mission, the use of the funds they raise, and why they are unique as an organization – all in fewer than 50 words.


2) Use compelling imagery that connects the visitor to your mission

Add an image that expresses your mission and connects with visitors in ways that words can never do. Adding an image will also make for more appealing content when your donation page is shared on social media.

3) Encourage visitors becomes sustaining donors by making it the default option

The option selected at the start is the one visitors will understand as the preferred option. Encourage them to give on an ongoing basis by making it the default choice.

4) Create different giving levels for one-time vs. sustaining gifts

$25, $50, $100, $250, and $1,000 might be good options for one-time gifts. They won’t be for sustaining gifts. Make sustaining gift levels smaller than one-time gift levels to encourage recurring gifts, even if your visitor isn’t Warren Buffett.

5) Customize the form’s submit button to highlight your cause

Don’t use “Submit.” Use “Support Healthy Kids” or whatever happens to be appropriate for your organization so you connect with your mission and motivate action.

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