Coast Guard Foundation nets nod as Sig Hansen’s Celebrity Apprentice charity of choice

We couldn’t be happier than to see organizations using Soapbox for their website needs succeed so we could barely contain ourselves to learn that the Coast Guard Foundation reeled in Deadliest Catch star and Celebrity Apprentice contestant Sig Hansen’s nod as his charity of choice on the popular TV competition ruled by Donald Trump and his coif.

Should Hansen avoid hearing the oft-quoted, much-parodied “You’re fired!” phrase from the real estate mogul, the Coast Guard Foundation will net a cool quarter of a million dollars.

That’s quite a kettle of fish, and if it goes to the Coast Guard Foundation, it will be put to good use in their effort to assist the 40,000 men and women who serve in United States Coast Guard and their families. The Foundation has aided Coast Guard members for more than 40 years, be they active duty, retired or reserve. That assistance is provided when its needed most – whether it’s after a loved one gets injured or dies in the line of duty, or helping Coast Guard kids pay for college. Their work makes a vital difference to service members, especially those stationed in remote areas with few resources.

For more on the Coast Guard Foundation and how you can aid their work, visit their website – and tune into Celebrity Apprentice on Sundays at 9 p.m. to see if the Captain can land the big one for the Foundation.

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