How nonprofit CRM can make your campaigns viral

Every nonprofit, including yours, are likely still envious of the ALS Association. Last year's Ice Bucket Challenge campaign not only raised a significant amount of cash for the organization, but brought a huge amount of attention to the condition also known as Lou Gehrig's disease and its overall lack of research funding. Can you imagine what would happen if you could knock out two birds with one stone like that for your cause?

You don't need buckets of ice for a good viral campaign.You don't need buckets of ice for a good viral campaign.

Hey now, I have friends who work in animal rights nonprofits.

Sorry! Still, the point seems clear: Viral campaigns are effective tool in not only raising funds, but also major awareness to the cause. It can put your organization on the map. With constituent relationship management (CRM) software, you can really up the stakes on this one.

But how does using a CRM make it possible to build a campaign that seems entirely based on luck?

Well, as the Non Profit Times points out, it's important to remember one simple fact about the Ice Bucket Challenge: It wasn't the ALS Association's idea. The campaign was the creation of three families who had loved ones with Lou Gehrig's disease who had no connection to the organization, at least initially. What the nonprofit did was not only pick up on this idea, but also leverage their press and marketing outlets to the fullest. Every day during the peak period of the campaign, the nonprofit put out a press release explaining daily totals and sharing some of the best and most popular videos. Through this system, they were able to build a momentum that allowed the campaign to turn viral in days.

CRM software can help with that process every step of the way. With your member profiles, you can monitor their activity on social media. If some person does a performance or act that relates to your cause and seeks to raise funding for your mission, you should latch onto it right away. Send information to your press and public relations people and help spread word about this independent development. Let people know through targeted emails on what's going on, and encourage them to do the same thing on their own. Through this method, you'll start building momentum quickly.

In addition, you should pick up on emotions that have the most viral impact, according to the Harvard Business Journal. For example, cultivating feelings of curiosity and uncertainty, as well as astonishment and amazement, can quickly pick up interest among people. These emotions you can read from member responses as well. Using both emotional cultivation and aggressive response can help make a campaign go viral.

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