2 tips for nonprofits to better their Facebook visibility

You know that Facebook is one of the main resources for developing a strong rapport with your constituents. With more Likes attached to your page, there's a chance more people are looking at your mission and cause, increasing the potential for additional volunteers as well as donations. A lot has changed in recent years, and as Business Insider notes, the recent restructuring of the news feed has resulted in significant challenges for nonprofit organizations. But that doesn't mean you should throw in the towel when it comes to that social media channel. Here are some ways to make sure you're still reaching out to customers through the feed and beyond.

Talk to your members and donors directly

As Hootsuite notes, developing a list of your constituents on Facebook can be really helpful. Matching this list with members found in your nonprofit CRM database can also assist you in making meaningful interactions. Another important aspect to consider as you have this list is to read what your members are saying and respond to them. By being involved with your supporters through direct communication, you show your organization is part of the larger community.

Recently, Facebook added a new feature where you can directly reply to comments, rather than have the comments form a single thread. This is very advantageous to your nonprofit for two reasons. For one, when you speak directly to someone, they'll feel like they're important and that what they're saying has relevance, helping you foster a relationship with them. Secondly, you can better isolate and capture this interaction for use with your CRM software.

Facebook's changes only seem ominous at first.Facebook's changes only seem ominous at first.

Share your members' stories

You shouldn't just see your Facebook page as a way to raise money. It's also there to build awareness for your cause. In this environment, you should be on the lookout for people doing so because they care about the cause, especially if they have something to share.

Remember that you're storytellers, first and foremost. Look through the list of donors and, when possible, peruse their personal pages. They may have a story to tell either in text or video form. By utilizing the share functions, you can take advantage of Facebook's emphasis on sharing information to generate interest in your mission to both regular members and visitors who happen to like your page. Nonprofit executive Liz Strauss, in speaking with NTEN, suggested that's the best route.

"Let the folks who give be part with their hands and minds – not just their hearts and wallets," she said. "We're not the only ones with great ideas."

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