PUB Crawl for December 14, 2015

Someone told me that it’s the end of the year. While I don’t buy it with the 70F weather here in Washington DC, last week’s PUB had fantastic year-end fundraising, accounting, and communications tips.

So while I reassess appropriate outdoor wear for this “winter”, let’s belly-up, and dive right in to this week’s edition!

Great Posts

  1. Best practices for using Payments?
    Megan Himan (BrightStep Partners)

    A few hearty souls dive into the stormy seas of accounting and come back with a whale of a story to tell. Learn all about best practices for using Payments in the NPSP, and even a little bit about accrual vs cash accounting.

  2. How do you email and communicate with your contacts?
    Jennifer Casey (Unite Greater Dallas)

    You’ve worked hard on creating great original content, and your community is eager to hear what you have to say. But what if the email isn’t getting to the right folks, and list management is getting out of control. Help is on the way!

  3. How do you use Salesforce to manage your Board of Directors?
    Jodi Nemser-Abrahams (Keshet Online)

    Rumor has it that board members like to stay informed of your organization’s progress. Crazy, right? While juggling so many other tasks, how can you use Salesforce to keep your organization’s board in the know?

  4. Where is Primary Campaign Source set on new Opportunities?
    Kate Schaefer (Clarion West)

    There might be sometimes where the NPSP is almost too full of automated goodness. Here’s a little URL-unhacking that can provide a bit more control over the Primary Campaign Source for new Opportunities.

  5. What are best practices for historical email addresses?
    Allison Letts (Friends General Conference)

    Keeping data clean is a full-time job, and unfortunately it’s a second, or third, or fourth job for most of us. Email addresses are both a communications lifeline and a key culprit in adding dirt to your database. Here’s what to do about it.

  6. Creating a weighted average formula field – resources?
    Missy Longshore (Longshore Consulting)

    I tried hard to stay awake in stats classes in college. I swear. Luckily, three Salesforce gurus summed up everything I needed to know about weighted averages and formula fields in this action packed post.

  7. Emergency bug fix release (version 3.59) of Nonprofit Starter Pack
    Jason Lantz (

    The fast crew of’s NPSP dev team patched an issue regarding Payments that may not have been automatically added to new Opportunities created between Dec 9 and Dec 11. Here’s the fix.

  8. NPSP and accrual based accounting
    Blanche Anglea (Goodwill Industries of Middle Georgia)

    It must be the end of the year, because accounting questions are in the air. Ah, the refreshing smell of debits and credits. Learn how others are using the NPSP in accrual accounting environments, without needing to don a green visor.

Awesome Events

  1. Trailhead for Nonprofits Webinar on Dec 17th at 2pm ET
    Kari Bryan (Texas A&M University)

    Grab your hiking poles, it’s time to learn about all the goodness that is Trailhead for non-profits. Get the inside scoop on this fantastic learning environment to help you tool up on the NPSP.

  2. HUB Office Hours on Dec 18 at 12pm ET
    Caroline Renard (Technology Interpreter for Arts Groups)

    Get all your last-minute end of year questions answered by a squad of Salesforce superheroes.

That’s all for this week! Did I miss something? Have any tips or suggestions? Send all tip jar suggestions to me at

Keep soaking up the goodness!

Your barkeeper,

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