PUB Crawl for December 21, 2015

As many of us gear up for a short week, what better way to get started than to soak up all the goodness that was last week’s Power of Us Hub? Let’s belly-up, and dive right in to this week’s edition!

Great Posts

  1. NPSP and accrual based accounting
    Blanche Anglea (Goodwill Industries of Middle Georgia)

    They say that tracking financials properly is good thing. I guess that’s probably a good word of wisdom. Here’s some best practices in tracking pledges, grants, donations, and more!

  2. NPSP Total Cost of Ownership
    Michael Kirwan (Tanzania Kenya Mission Africa Charity)

    Until the NPSP evolves to completely install, customize, and make a burrito for you, humans will be needed. Here’s what you need to keep in mind as you’re thinking about your investment of time and money.

  3. Launch of Nuggets of Knowledge
    Anne Young (

    One place to get all the best tips of the NPSP? Yes! Welcome to a great new way to tool up.

  4. What are your opportunity naming conventions?
    Jodi Nemser-Abrahams (Keshet Online)

    Is there one right way to name an opportunity? Probably not, but here’s some fantastic ideas for pointing you in the right direction for your organization.

  5. How to Remove Bounced Contacts
    Erica Bailey (Max Cure Foundation)

    When an email address bounces, it can be hard to manage the cleanliness of your database. Here’s some best practices to make that happen.

  6. Recurring Donations Vs. Payments
    Stacy Jewell (Shared Hope International)

    Getting sustaining donors is hard enough, no need to make the data collection harder, right? Here’s some tips to determining the best way to use recurring donations and payments in the NPSP.

  7. Nonprofit Starter Pack v3.60 preview ready
    Jason Lantz (

    Like opening a present before Christmas, you can unwrap the awesomeness that is the NPSP v3.60 before its release date (January 5)! More goodness related to the Campaign Member creation process awaits.

  8. Spring 16 Release Notes are Live!
    Marc Baizman (

    While my fellow Salesforce nerds were waiting in line for the Star Wars opening, I know they were all pouring through the treasure chest that is the Spring 16 release notes. Get ready for all the new features coming soon!

  9. Best practice bequest program onto NPSP
    Jonathan Storey (Environment Victoria)

    These long-term gifts require a very unique approach. Let’s dive in and learn more!

  10. Looking for ways policy staff use Salesforce in their legislative and public policy work
    Jeff Issenberg (Exponent Partners)

    When you’re getting ready to do your lobby days on Capitol Hill, what should you have ready in your Salesforce database?

That’s all for this week! Did I miss something? Have any tips or suggestions? Send all tip jar suggestions to me at

Keep soaking up the goodness!

Your barkeeper,

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