PUB Crawl for December 28, 2015

Phil Penn GwynnIt might be a holiday week, but so long as you awesome folks are sharing knowledge in the Power of Us Hub, I’m going to be keeping you posted on all the great information.

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Straight from the snow-capped Sierra Nevada mountains, here’s this week’s edition!

Great Posts

  1. How can I include a custom field when importing donor records?
    Kristin Miller (Lakeside Legacy Foundation)

    If only one could waive a magic wand and watch all your data gleefully hop into Salesforce. Alas, we’re not there (yet), so until then, here’s some tips on importing your data with those custom attributes you’ve worked so hard to collect.

  2. Automatically mark Campaign Member as responded with (won) Opportunity
    Julia Jamnejad (Pacific Council on International Policy)

    Driving home the immediate benefit many organizations can receive from the latest NPSP release, learn how you can easily automatically create these important data points in Salesforce.

  3. Report showing stats this time last year
    Simon Abramson (Wild Earth)

    Without Doc Brown and a time machine, you’d think it would be difficult to do year-to-date comparisons between the current year and previous year in reports. Luckily, our community’s own Judi Sohn has a blog post just for this!

  4. Is there any way to get data collected through Google Forms to interface with Salesforce?
    Dina Stambler (National Council of Jewish Women – Essex)

    Does Google know all _and_ speak Salesforce? Here’s a great discussion on finding ways to have the two play nicely together to help you collect data.

  5. Relationship management documentation goodness
    Jon Michael Varese (

    If only human relationships were as easy to manage as the fantastic documentation guidelines provided by Lyndsay Neer and Brian Pickett of North Peak, and others, the world would be a place full of potluck dinners instead of, well, just read the news. Get your learn on!

  6. “My Nonprofit Uses Leads – & So Should Yours!”
    Vered Meir (Year Up)

    Those who know me know I love Leads. That’s right, I’m not ashamed. Heck, I’m proud of it! Now, I’m excited to see fellow Salesforce amigos agree, and a few have great strategies to using them to your organization’s advantage.

  7. What is the difference between Posted & Closed Won?
    Susanna Sharp (Northwest Maritime Center)

    Your fundraising wins shouldn’t require a Salesforce linguistics degree (this doesn’t exist, don’t worry) to understand the type of win. Here’s a few friends helping explain Opportunity stage nomenclature.

  8. What is the best way to track client use of our programs (case management)
    Elizabeth VanSlyke (Southern Valley Alliance for Battered Women)

    There’s a lot of talk about using Salesforce for fundraising, but did you know you can do some great case management out of the box? Learn how!

  9. How do you think I should track pets?
    Davyd Smith (All For Paws Outreach)

    Want to see the awesome flexibility of Salesforce to handle a rather unique use case? Want to find a way to weave in your love of animals with Salesforce. This post has both! Expand your mind on Salesforce possibilities with this great discussion.

Great Events

  1. Girlforce Skill Share #1: Reports on January 7, 2016 at 8pm CT
    Angela Adams (Now IT Matters)

    The difference between using Salesforce for collecting and managing data, and using it for evaluating effectiveness often lies in your team’s reporting skills. Get ready to sharpen your reporting skills with this upcoming webinar!

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Keep soaking up the goodness!

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