PUB Crawl for January 4, 2016

Phil Penn GwynnAs we stumble to turn off our alarm clocks this morning, it’s time to start off 2016 right with some knowledge from our Salesforce community! Let’s push the New Year’s partyware aside and dive into this week’s PUB Crawl.

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Great Posts

  1. Has anyone had success in adding giving levels to your donation page?
    Courtney Osterfelt (The Launch Pad Teen Center)

    Giving donors recognition of their contributions helps in moving them up the ladder of engagement. How can Salesforce help you in tracking their move between these levels?

  2. How do you make a contact a member of multiple households?
    Jason MacFadyen (Perkins School for the Blind)

    While databases enjoy being nice and neat, our families are, well, sometimes not as neat. This post discusses ways to manage us humans not lining up just perfectly for our technology…and how to record families in Salesforce.

  3. Guidance regarding data backups
    Chance McKibben (Madina Village School)

    The cloud can use a backup just like the rest of your technology. Here’s some strategies in making that happen!

  4. End of year tax receipt letters
    Mary Robinson (West Michigan Environmental Action Council Education Foundation)

    Donors who give multiple times through the year might need a bit more nuance in their end of year tax receipt letter, but it could be a bit difficult to collect the data needed. Until now! Here’s what the community’s experts say.

  5. Technology/software development grant programs for non profits?
    Joshua Ewing (Friends of Cedar Mesa)

    When the financial gap for funding a tech budget to serve your community is large, a grant can go a long way. in addition to the Force for Change grants, here’s some thoughts on raising the money needed for your next tech project.

Great Events

  1. Girlforce Skill Share #1: Reports on January 7, 2016 at 8pm CT
    Angela Adams (Now IT Matters)

    The difference between using Salesforce for collecting and managing data, and using it for evaluating effectiveness often lies in your team’s reporting skills. Get ready to sharpen your reporting skills with this upcoming webinar!

Great Ideas

  1. Nonprofit Community License Type
    Megan Himan (Brightstep Partners)

    The creation of a new Nonprofit Community license type could help organizations’ constituents communicate with each other to spark change. Read more and consider voting for this feature request.

That’s all for this week! Did I miss something? Have any tips or suggestions? Send all tip jar suggestions to me at

Keep soaking up the goodness!

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