PUB Crawl for January 11, 2016

Phil Penn GwynnIt seems that someone made the coffee extra strong in the PUB last week to help us out of the post-New Year’s slumber. Saddle up with a tall cup of your favorite morning beverage and enjoy an extended edition of the PUB Crawl!

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Great Posts

  1. How can I separate memberships from donations?
    Rebecca MacNamee (Friends of Cheyenne Canon)

    Have a mix of members and donors, but want to be able to report on the two separately? Here’s a few good tips on making it easy to identify these segments of your community in Salesforce.

  2. What is the best approach to automating membership payments?
    Susanna Sharp (Northwest Maritime Center)

    Automation is a great thing, and when it comes to membership management, getting it right is critical. Avoid membership chaos with these tips to putting your data on cruise control.

  3. Thoughts on changing the names on some Stage fields in Opportunities?
    Jennifer Otremba (Breakthrough Twin Cities)

    Does “Posted” sound a bit boring to you? Want to spice up your Opportunity stage names? This post is just for you!

  4. Do you sync all email signups/newsletter subscribers to Salesforce?
    Missy Longshore (Longshore Consulting)

    The ladder of engagement starts at the first rung, which often is an email newsletter sign-up. Want to know the best practices of including this touchpoint in Salesforce? Read on!

  5. Understanding donations
    Carl Paulsen (Heronfield Academy)

    When it comes to donations, giving credit where credit is due is important. When you’re handling both individual and corporate donations, it can feel like you’re quickly lost in a jungle of data. Here’s a great post to help you make a clearing to find your way out.

  6. Parent-child data push questions
    Laurel Taylor (Town Hall Association)

    You know that uneasy feeling you get when you call a member to tell them that their dues have lapsed and they tell you that their spouse just paid them? No, of course not, that never happens to you! But, just in case it ever did (not saying it did, though), here’s a path to avoiding that in the future with some data updating techniques.

  7. How to Share an Unmanaged Package?
    Vladimir Martinov (Daizy Logik)

    Got developer chops and want to share your great code with others to use in their Salesforce orgs without having to post it to the AppExchange? Kudos to you! Here’s how you can share the goodness.

  8. Nonprofit Starter Pack version 3.60 is being pushed to production orgs
    Jason Lantz (

    Another fantastic update to the NPSP rolled off the assembly line, including updates to the automatic Campaign Member management for Opportunities.

  9. Guidance regarding data backups
    Chance McKibben (Madina Village School)

    Before you run out to the store to buy a few thousand 1.4MB floppy disks, here’s better way to think about backups.

  10. Hey Nonprofit Users, did you know you can attend #Tahoe Dreamin’ for FREE?
    Michelle Chaplin Regal (Public Broadcasting Service)

    While this isn’t a ski invitation, it’s a fantastic opportunity to enjoy California’s Sierra Nevadas! Get your learn on with friends from the broader community.

  11. How do I create and end of year donation mail merge letter?
    Holly Germeroth (Scaling Walls A Note at a Time)

    Saying thanks on a shoestring budget is possible with these tips from the community about affordable ways to create end-of-year mailings.

  12. My Board is asking for a complete donor history to see who we have lost as we look to improve stewardship.
    Jodi Phillips (Maternal and Family Health Services)

    Want to be able to easily report on past donors that might have lapsed without feeling like you’re on a never-ending journey to getting it to display right? We have the answer for you!

Great Events

  1. New NPSP Webinar on January 21 @ 2pm ET
    Ginny McSwine (

    If you’re using the NPSP v2 and are eager to learn more about the latest and greatest in NPSP v3, I’ve got the webinar for you. Learn why it’s the best time to upgrade to the latest version of the NPSP in this webinar by

Great Ideas

  1. Nonprofit Community License Type
    Megan Himan (Brightstep Partners)

    The creation of a new Nonprofit Community license type could help organizations’ constituents communicate with each other to spark change. Read more and consider voting for this feature request.

That’s all for this week! Did I miss something? Have any tips or suggestions? Send all tip jar suggestions to me at

Keep soaking up the goodness!

Your barkeeper,

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