PUB Crawl for February 1, 2016

Phil Penn GwynnAs the great thaw continues here in DC, and as the US presidential race really heats up, we have a bowl of Salesforce knowledge snacks waiting for you at the PUB. Pull up a barstool and join us for another round of goodness.

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Great Posts

  1. How to find a part-time system admin for a NPO?
    Paul Manikas (Neighbor Brigade Inc)

    Finding that you’re either over-your-head in Salesforce goodness or haven’t found a way to pause the clock to get everything done? Learn tips on finding the right sysadmin for your team.

  2. Can you insert a new record with opportunity and update an existing record at the same time?
    Mark Marino (Seed Global Health)

    Data imports can feel like going to the dentist. You know you have to do it, but man, you’re really not looking forward to it. Luckily, the NPSP Data Import tool is like skipping right to the gift after your appointment!

  3. Can anyone tell me what their best practice is for handling pledge payments made by, say, one person but for another person’s pledge?
    Leslie Cox (Rogue Community College Foundation)

    In a world full of so many good people, you’re bound to find this in your community. Learn how organizations handle pledge payments/donations made by one person on another behalf.

  4. Uninstalling the Nonprofit Starter Pack…just in case
    Sarah Marovich (

    We won’t judge—change happens. In case you find that you need to uninstall the Nonprofit Starter Pack with’s new comprehensive, step-by-step documentation.

  5. Nugget of the week: Easing the transition for new users by using a spreadsheet-style app
    Sam Dorman (Independent Consultant)

    Spreadsheets can be a crutch that keep organizations from fully transitioning to Salesforce. Here’s a gold nugget of knowledge to help convince your team to adopt great functionality for the Nonprofit Starter Pack!

  6. How can men best be allies to women in tech?
    Joni Martin (Now IT Matters)

    Men can join in the fight for equality in our technology world, because “injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.” Join a discussion regarding ways me can contribute their energy to further empowering women, girls, and transgender individuals in tech.

Great Events

  1. HUB Office Hours – February 5 @ 12pm ET
    Caroline Renard (Technology Interpreter for Arts Groups)

    It wouldn’t be a Friday without smart folks coming together to answer your questions for free! Join Tal Frankfurt, Adam Kramer, and Joni Martin as they share their Salesforce insights.

  2. Girlforce Trailhead Workshop Starring Chris Duarte on Feb 19, 9am-11am PT
    Missy Longshore (Longshore Consulting)

    Hey Girlforce members and community, it’s time to do your happy dance! Editor-In-Chief of Trailhead, Chris Duarte, will be joining a great webinar.

  3. EMEA HUB Office Hours coming soon!
    Caroline Renard (Technology Interpreter for Arts Groups)

    Live in the UK or Europe and tired of staying up late or waking up early to catch the awesome Hub office hours? Now you have your own office hours to pep up your second Tuesday afternoons!

That’s all for this week! Did I miss something? Have any tips or suggestions? Send all tip jar suggestions to me at

Keep soaking up the goodness!

Your barkeeper,

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