PUB Crawl for February 8, 2016

Phil Penn GwynnPick up the cheese doodles and the nachos from your Super Bowl party and get ready for another edition of the PUB Crawl. Grab a stool and a tall cup of coffee and enjoy this week’s community goodness. Oh, and you’re joining us at the NPSP Community Sprint in San Francisco on March 21, right?

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Great Posts

  1. Going back farther than three years
    Christine Yockel (KidsVoice)

    Here’s a slice of goodness if your organization needs donor information more than three years old. Learn about the magic of the “User Rollups” and “N Years” functionalities.

  2. Do I always have to use the NPSP data importer, no matter what?
    Missy Longshore (Longshore Consulting)

    Simple answer: you have choice! But (there’s always a catch, right?), if you want to keep it simple, the NPSP importer will likely save you the most time. Learn more abut your options.

  3. Any chance the NPSP will include “Contact Teams” in the future?
    Valina Cutler (United Way of the Bay Area)

    Have multiple teammates serving the same donor or supporter and need a way to share the ownership of that relationship? Here’s a proposal for adding a feature like “Contact Team” to the NPSP.

  4. Nonprofit Starter Pack FAQ
    Sarah Marovich (

    Nostalgic for David Letterman’s Top 10 list? Eager for NPSP goodness all in one place? Welcome to your NPSP updated FAQs with its very own top 10 list.

  5. NPSP International Nonprofits FAQ
    Mary Pustejovsky (

    Have needs for multi-currency, multi-lingual, multi-everything support for your diverse non-US community? This FAQ is just for you!

  6. Make Life Easier for ISVs
    Christian Carter (Bigger Boat Consulting)

    Want to build an awesome new Salesforce app for the nonprofit community but finding parts of the packaging process frustratingly difficult. Grab an sign and join the march on this Ideas request.

  7. How do you use NPSP for your Major Donor program?
    Beth Howard (World Bicycle Relief)

    Looking to move your major donor program in Salesforce to the next level? Get ready for a ton of great ideas and best practices from your fellow fundraising practitioners!

  8. January 2016 Hub Heroes!
    Anne Young (

    Wonder who’s making all the hubbub on the Hub? Anne shares this month’s Hub Heroes! Hint: at least one burrito-loving individual is on the list.

Great Events

  1. Two Great HUB Office Hours This Week
    Caroline Renard (Technology Interpreter for Arts Groups)

    A double-shot of office hours this week! EMEA Nonprofit HUB Office Hours on February 9 at 3:00PM GMT, and Higher Ed Office Hours on February 12 at 12pm ET.

  2. NPSP Community Sprint on March 21 in SF
    Ryan Ozimek (Soapbox Engage)

    Could you possibly imagine a better opportunity to learn about the NPSP and contribute back to it than with a room full of fellow Hubbers? What if I told you it could all be yours? Join us in San Francisco before the NTC to grow the NPSP!

That’s all for this week! Did I miss something? Have any tips or suggestions? Send all tip jar suggestions to me at

Keep soaking up the goodness!

Your barkeeper,

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