PUB Crawl for February 15, 2016

Phil Penn GwynnAs we in America celebrate President’s Day today, grab a cup of your favorite POTUS-approved beverage and join us for another round of knowledge at the PUB Crawl!

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Great Posts

  1. Where is the best place to create a searchable document repository?
    Rachel Burden (Association of Medical Research Charities)

    Want an easy way for your organization to share all its publication knowledge across different formats (PDFs, Word documents, etc)? Before you run off to build a library, learn what folks in the community are doing to use Salesforce to help!

  2. How do you track restricted donations in NPSP3?
    Sara Metheny (Idealist Consulting)

    So you have all these fantastic donations, but you need to make sure they’re properly recorded for how they can be used. Learn how GAU’s come to the rescue again to help you track restricted donations in Salesforce.

  3. How do you record attributes in NPSP?
    Heidi Venture (The Next Door, Inc.)

    Tracking the attributes of your donors and supporters is critical to easily segmenting and communicating with your community. But how’s it done right? Get ready for a picklist love fest for your Valentine’s Day weekend!

  4. What data do you collect on your website?
    Aimee Finn (Starlight Children’s Foundation)

    What insights can you learn from your community by asking the right questions on your website? Learn how organizations are using Web forms and Salesforce to collect information from their supporters.

  5. How do you use your NPSP licenses?
    TRU Admin (Transportation Riders United)

    Salesforce donates 10 Enterprise licenses to eligible non-profits. But what if your organization has less than 10 staff members? What do you do with the rest of the licenses? Learn best practices on license management and share your thoughts!

  6. Best Practises for linking Opps(Donations) to Projects(Custom-Object)?
    Neven Subotic (Neven Subotic Stiftung)

    So you’ve got all these great projects you’re organization is working on, and you want to show how donors are supporting them. How do we make this happen? Custom objects? GAU’s to the rescue! Learn the key tip in this great post.

  7. Listening is the Key! Trish Perkins, Globe-trotting Salesforce Admin
    Joni Martin (Now IT Matters)

    The Cloud TnT podcast interviews Trish Perkins, who shares her thoughts about listening and what non-profits can gain from it. Key takeaway: they can better support their donors and beneficiaries!

Great Posts

  1. HUB Office Hours – Friday, Feb 19 at 12pm ET
    Caroline Renard (Technology Interpreter for Arts Groups)

    Join Brian Pickett (North Peak), Paige Van Riper (Cloud for Good), and Margaret Fako (Interlochen Center for the Arts) with your burning NPSP questions!

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Keep soaking up the goodness!

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