PUB Crawl for March 7, 2016

Phil Penn GwynnFeeling like a kite thrashed by the wind amid the news cycle craziness, town halls, debates, Super Tuesdays and Super Saturdays, donkey parades and elephant wrestling matches? Join us in the PUB Crawl today and enjoy the peaceful, calm winds of Salesforce knowledge.

Just one request: please don’t ask to have CNN turned on the TV. House of Cards? Well, okay.

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Great Posts

  1. I have requirement to attach a check copy to the opportunity record, what are the best practices?
    Sandeep Shetty (Virunga Fund, Inc.)

    Puzzled over how to attach check copies to Opportunities? Wish you could just staple a check to a Salesforce record and move on with your day? Stress no more!

  2. How does your organization report/track on soft credits? How to track multiple years of credits?
    Nallaly Jimenez (Foundation for National Progress)

    You got to give ‘em credit. Soft credit. Hard credit. Credit over multiple years. Create donor reports for your nonprofit with these great Nonprofit Starter Pack tools.

  3. Contact Role value by Opportunity Record Type
    John Fine (Hood River County School District Foundation)

    Cut out time consuming steps and get back to your day faster! Learn the simplest way to set a default Contact Role based on the Record Type of the Opportunity.

  4. Any ideas for linking CEOs and their assistants?
    Robin Gardiner (International Center for Research on Women)

    Two things that go together as naturally as Super Tuesday and political candidates: CEOs and their assistants. But if you’re trying to link them in Salesforce it’s harder than a moderator getting a straight answer to a debate question. Check out these awesome solutions!

  5. Nonprofit Starter Pack version 3.66 in sandbox
    Jason Lantz (

    You still have one more day to test out the new NPSP v3.66 in your sandbox today (Monday) before it goes live in production (Tuesday). Check out the new Lightning-supported pages and In-Kind donation features!

  6. Hub Heros for February
    Anne Young (

    Look! Up in the interwebs! It’s two truths! It’s a lie! It’s the Hub Heroes of February! Get to know more about these heroes and their motivation for spreading Salesforce super goodness with their advice and insights!

Great Events

  1. HUB Office Hours on Fri, March 12 at 12pm ET
    Caroline Renard (Technology Interpreter for Arts Groups)

    The Higher Education Advisory Council is here for you higher ed Hubbers, spreading insightful Salesforce knowledge that’ll help your organization succeed!

  2. HUB Office Hours for EMEA on Tues, March 8 at 10am ET
    Caroline Renard (Technology Interpreter for Arts Groups)

    It might be another “Super Tuesday”, but for this EMEA-based HUB Office Hour it’s all about Salesforce. Join your host James Browne of for great conversation and free Salesforce knowledge!

  3. Webinar: Building CRM Roadmaps for Nonprofits on Tue, March 8 at 1pm ET
    Bryan Giese (Heller Consulting)

    Imagine your ride-sharing driver trying to find your destination without a map and GPS. Frightful, right? That’s why you wouldn’t start a new CRM project without a roadmap. Learn how to reach your CRM destination successfully without getting lost along the way.

That’s all for this week! Did I miss something? Have any tips or suggestions? Send all tip jar suggestions to me at

Keep soaking up the goodness!

Your barkeeper,

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